Monday, November 9, 2009

Presenting the Amazing Talented Bunny!

Yet another series in Rosabelle's range of bunny suits, we let her wear a fleece vest yesterday (courtesy of another mummy in the yard whose son, yes, pink for her one-month-old who took photos in this get-up). It comes complete with a bunny-eared hat and a cute bobbed tail at the back.
She's also spotting her new pair of shoes here, as you can see, which garnered alot of compliments all round (and is more hardy than her old pair, heh!). As the top button was missing, I had to tie a scarf around Rosabelle's neck to keep her nice and warm.
These days, Rosabelle has picked up a few new 'tricks', pretending to yawn (with yawning sound to boot) on cue, throw a ball (well, at least hold it above her head and release it, causing the ball to drop behind her instead at times), standing up on her own and remaining standing for a longer time (and even lifting up a heavy toy whilst standing), but the most amazing (well, in the eyes of her mummy, at least) was she now knows how to maneuver her walker to do a u-turn (pulling/pushing it around tight corners till she's in the direction she wants). Clap, clap, clap!

New word picked up now is 鸟鸟, when Wayne showed her a flash card and she repeated after him. The other day, I was wearing a T-shirt with a kiwi bird on it, and she pointed at my T-shirt and said 鸟鸟, so funny!

Hopefully she'll be in a performing mood when we go to the studio this Wednesday morning to take a family portrait. Wayne and I went to Chocolate Box studio yesterday to select the photos from our last photo session at home. Rosabelle's individual shots were all rather nice (they took 84 in all), but disappointingly, we only had 4 family photos to choose from (only one set at that), and none was throughly satisfactory. I had stipulated we were looking for a nice family shot, and think the photographer should have tried to capture more family photos, whether in different settings. However, it was a case of all 3 persons looking at various directions, Rosabelle's face being blocked by her outstretched finger, or me guffawing too loudly/blinking my eyes etc...

So, they have offered us to take another set of family photos for free in their studio...well...hopefully it'll be more satisfactory, and I will make sure Wayne dons a white top as well (I'd told him previously, but her prefers his blue top, I guess, and the photographer told me that the colors were rather clashing, hmph!).

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