Monday, November 16, 2009

Hair-raising anecdotes

These few days have been friggin' cold in Beijing, with very strong winds - like today, temperatures range between 2 degrees celsius and minus 8! As you may expect, we could not bring poor Rosabelle out for her walks (don't want her to become a meat popsicle!), but she seems fairly happy at home. The last outside walk we had was on Friday evening (though we went out for lunch on Saturday, but we were had shelter all the way from carpark to restaurant and back), where we survived only 20 minutes outside at 4:30pm in the afternoon before I had to make my way back as it was too cold. Here she is with an out-of-bed hair that looks spiky and very boyish-like, heh!
The hairdo lasted for the night even though she was donning a beanie when outside. I put on gloves for her but she still ended up with cold hands when we came back, brrrr.....
For the past few days, she seems fairly pleased to be staying at home, keeping herself busy by practising her walks with the walker and tricycle, her treasure trove of books, and many toys and music CDs. Thank goodness as we know of kids who will wail and become restless if they do not go outside to play.

She will go towards her tricycle and pat on the seat, but cry when we put her in it. Only after a few times did we realize that she wanted us to put a plush toy on it. These days, she will indicate she wants either a lion, a lamb, or a koala bear to sit in the tricycle (on the seat or in the wagon behind) and then push it happily. At times, she will stop to check if the toy has fallen out of position, then pat/babble at it, as I had told her before 'you must tell the lamb to sit well, the lamb cannot fall out of the tricycle, it's very dangerous'. She even pretended to cry/be sad when the lamb was slipping out of its seat.
She seems to know the different expressions/moods now, clapping her hands and dancing on cue when I say 'happy', and then pretending to cry when I show her pictures of crying babies, or tell her something sad from the books.
This is her with her favourite phone call pose, which now also counts as peekaboo, as she saw pictures of kids doing peekaboo with their hands rested on their cheeks.
Just now, she again woke up with funny hair, with the back looking all matted and wiry.
But she still looks mighty pleased with her bad hair day. Or it's one of the times when she's going on with her favourite '八' (8). The nanny has been teaching her to count with her fingers, and over her meal times, she will at times point at her own fingers, and is very cheeky - whenever we start counting '一、二、三', she will call out a resounding '八!'. Surprisingly, when I counted '1, 2, 3' in English, she also went '八!' as she knows I am counting. Well, she also says '八!' when she's indicating 'up' with both hands these days.
Though she's just only over a year old, I sometimes think her innocent mind ticks faster than mine. The other day, I asked her to slowly remove each jigsaw piece and put them into an empty box, wanting to train her to place things into containers. After putting only one of the pieces in, she took up the whole jigsaw board and threw it into the box, as if saying 'Erm...isn't this faster than putting them in one by one?' -__-

Another time when I got outwitted by my daughter was when I was trying to teach her to identify/sort colours, putting the red and blue blocks into respective colored cups. I then gave her a red block and asked her 'Which cup should this red block go into?' She looked at the red cup, then at the blue cup (which were both full of blocks), and then saw an empty green cup next to these two cups and promptly plonked the red block into the green cup before crawling away. She was indicating to me this time that 'The two cups are too full, isn't it easier to put the block into the empty cup, Mummy?' -__-"
Another hilarious incident involves that of her favourite books - we got a free set of pop-up books after I ordered powdered milk (for myself), and one of them includes a pop-up bear with movable eyes. Wayne was reading this to her when she poked her finger into the eyes and accidentally caught it in the sharp end, hurting herself. She only let out a slight whimper, but after that turned to the page again and made sad/crying noises to tell Wayne about the bear hurting her. Nowadays, whenever she sees the set of books or the bear, she will make very sad/crying whimpering noises, as if complaining to us about the bear that hurt her....hehe!

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