Thursday, November 26, 2009

A few steps to mark end-of-rust-juice-day

I am trying to capture on video the times when Rosabelle is super-responsive and will reply with my requests to make the various sounds of animals and objects. She will be doing something, and I just have to start asking her 'What sound does XXX make?', and she will reply in succession without skipping a beat. I'm afraid that once I go and grab the camera and place it in front of her, she will be too distracted to continue, but I will endeavour to catch this on video for posterity, especially after she has recently picked up a horse sound (sounds like 'nnng' or 'huh, huh'). Nowadays, when she toddles past her playmat with pictures of trojan horses on it, she will automatically make the sound. Other sounds in the series include cat (meow meow), dog (ow ow), chicken (cuckoo coo), duck (kwak kwak), bee (bzzz), lion (awrrrrr), elephant (hnnnnng), cow (mmmmm), car moving (vrrr vrrr, coupled with hands waving), wind blowing (ooo, ooo, coupled with hands waving), bird flying (niao niao, coupled with flapping of hands with a pfft pfft sound), and train (hfft hfft). It's quite fun, really!

I'm also very pleased that at her 13th month check-up today (where she had a RMB1,810 pneumococcal booster jab!), she was cleared of her anemia, yaaay! That's her in the car seat, monkeying around, on the way there. She seems to be happier sitting in a front-facing position (read: does not struggle/cry when put in), as she can probably see more things this way.
Her trademark 'beautiful smile'...
Whilst waiting for the doctor - playing with beads at the table. She is very happy to be sitting in adult chairs (well, I know this is an Ikea children's chair, but it's a nice change from her usual constrained high chair and car seat).
She did not even cry when they took blood from her finger, just looking on curiously, and now has a normal 126 reading for her hemoglobin count. So it's adios to rust juice, which she was taking for the past two months - we no longer have to prepare the iron supplements and feed her twice a day, atta girl! The doctor advised that we need to continue to keep up with a balanced diet, and that is why I have introduced wheatgerm and peas (both high in iron) into her diet over the past few days. She loves eating peas, heh!

The doctor also answered some of the queries I had on whether it's too much for her to eat an egg a day (she averages about 5 times a week - answer: no problem); whether it's better to feed her chicken breast/pork loin rather than the fattier chicken thigh/pork rib (answer: no problem as well so long as most of the fats are removed, and she needs a certain amount of healthy fats in her diet as well); whether I should be concerned about a slight developing rash behind her left ear and nape of the neck (I applied talcum powder over the past two days - answer: just due to perspiration, so it's not fungal or anything); whether I need to start brushing her 8 teeth (answer: maybe after two years old, but for now, just to make sure we keep up with the good habit of rinsing the mouth after all foods, and twice a week, taking a damp cloth to gently cleanse the gums and teeth - only thing is after I nurse her, including the night feeds, she does not drink any water after, so my only consolation is that at least my milk's not so sweet!).

However, there is a nagging heart murmur that the doctor always picks up on each of these visits, but she thinks with Rosabelle's good growth (she's now 10.5kg - 86th percentile, and 79 cm - 95th percentile) and high activity levels, there should not be an issue. So perhaps just to ease our minds, we are likely to send her for an ultrasound when we go back over CNY next year. At the same time, we will probably let her take her chicken pox vaccination (for kids over a year old). After a year of age, the numbers of vaccinations decrease considerably, so actually the next mandatory jab for her is MMR at 18 months of age (15 months in Singapore).

I'll be glad when we are Singapore, if only for the fact that she can then feast on her favourite fruits like mango and guava without the exhorbitant prices! She loves eating mango, but as it's out of season now, and we had a few bad experiences with cheaper but sour/unripe mangoes, we had to resort to buying her a RMB65 one imported from Australia, gulp! As you can imagine, we are keeping that in the fridge for at least 5 feeds...

Very important milestone happened today - she toddled a few steps, unaided, from our bedroom door to the bed. Alas, I did not see that as I was in the other room, but the nanny called out excitedly to me as she said Rosabelle released her hands on the walker and quickly toddled away, hastily hanging onto the bed frame for fear of falling down. Heh, good job, my girl!

Wayne also did not get the chance to witness it as he had just left for the train station to go back home to Zhengzhou for a week to visit his parents (so that he can join us in Singapore over CNY). Rosabelle will definitely be missing her Papa as she will at times look for him when he's not in the house, and these days, she will peep at me taking baths (Wayne will carry her in), and she has learnt to put a finger to her mouth to make a 'Ssssh' sound (as Wayne has taught her) before sneaking in, haha! Once, when I carried her into the room to look for Wayne, she even made the 'Sssh' action to me in a conspiratorial manner before we went in, so clever!

So it's going to be us three ladies in the home over the next week (we told the nanny to be around on Saturday as well), heh! Thank goodness my neck pain from last week is disspating - I woke up one morning last week with a bad neck - probably from a lousy sleeping position - and quickly went to the blind folks massage centre that Wayne has been using. It alleviated some of the pain but he warned me it'd take a while to fully recover, sigh! Also, luckily, the 12th floor neighbour upstairs has ceased their 8:30am renovations of hammering and drilling, so we don't need Wayne to head upstairs and warn them (we've asked the maintenance office to send security guards up to tell them off for being so inconsiderate, but it's really not as effective).

I'm sure Daddy's going to miss his girl(s) too!

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