Monday, November 2, 2009

Toothy entry

It was brrrrr cold today, averaging 2 degrees celsius in the day time. Wayne says after a snowfall, it’d be colder over the next two days as the snow absorbs heat from the atmosphere to melt, and for somebody as careless as me, it is a challenge treading on slippery snow/ice all over the place (it’s like a mega snow slope, just that it’s real snow this time round).

Of course, we wanted to take advantage of the sun that had come out, and Wayne still brought Rosabelle on her morning walk, albeit bundled up like a dumpling, with down jacket (courtesy of Pauline – yes, she can still wear it, haha!), woollen hat, and scarf to boot. It was quite hilarious seeing her ‘immobilized’ in her stroller due to the constraints of the thick clothing, and Wayne actually intended to bring her out for awhile only since it was really cold.
For me, I did not fulfil my daughter’s walking duties this morning as I went to another dentist to get my swollen gums checked. This dentist, Arrail, is more expensive than the one I went to last Saturday (Jiamei), and rightly so. I would have paid massive amounts even if they wanted me to, just as long as they could take away the discomfort of my gum/tooth ache.

The managing doctor attended to me, and upon looking at the X-ray film I took at Jiamei, he told me that I have a build-up at the edge of my tooth near the gum, and it could be due to some lodged food. It has caused my tooth to move apart from the one in front, resulting in a slight gap, and my tooth is now shaky even (gasp!). He says there is an abscess at my gum area due to this lodged food, thus the pain, and even my tongue area was swollen. Goodness! And the Jiamei dental folks professed there was nothing wrong?!! Thank goodness I sought a second, and more professional, and accurate, opinion.

So he quickly went down to business, giving me two jabs of local anesthesia on the inside and outside of the gums (OUCH!), and then scraping at my gums to remove the abscess and lodged food. I could feel that they were siphoning a lot of blood out, and whenever I rinsed my mouth, there were dark red blood clots. The whole affair took about ten minutes, and it was still rather painful (coupled with the fact that due to the dry weather, the side of my mouth is dry/split, and I couldn’t open my mouth too big…).

After that, he applied some medication to the area, and gave me an Ibuprofen (painkiller) to take 3 hours later (after the anesthesia wears away). He meant to issue me some other medicine, I assume for healing the wound, but retracted after I said I was still nursing.

My mouth area felt most uncomfortable after, and it was rather painful after the anesthesia wore away, and before I could take the painkiller. The dentist said no nerves were affected, and it’s lucky I sought treatment at an early stage (imagine, I could have treated it two days earlier if I’d gone to him instead of the quacks at Jiamei – grrrr!!!). He said after the gum swelling goes down, my teeth should shift back into position and root itself so that it won’t be shaky anymore. So, in the mean time, I can only chew on my right, and be very careful in future to remove any foods immediately without causing it to lodge further into the gums.

The only suspect I can think of is maybe I ate fish and the fine bones went into my gums without me realizing, and when I flossed, it just pushed the bone further into my gum…hmmm…anyway, end of ordeal, and I just need to review a few days later. Luckily the photo shoot is on Wednesday, so I have awhile to heal before being able to smile naturally (and unpainfully!).

As for Rosabelle, she was happily still playing outside, enjoying the morning sun, when I went back home!

For awhile now, she can mimic us opening bottles (twist both her wrists when holding the bottle, but of course to no avail), and nowadays will go ‘Eh! Eh! Eh!’ until we help her open the bottle cap. This copycat action has been most fun for us as we now ask her to mimic sounds of various animals - most times, her elephant call sounds suspiciously like that of a cow's moo, but the latest is when I put up both hands beside my face and pretend to roar fiercely like a lion - she also does the same thing now, putting both hands up and roaring as fiercely as she can, haha! She also followed us saying 'circle', and when Wayne said '小鸟' yesterday!
She wants to stand up on her own without support, and loves to push the bike that Vanessa/Timothy gave for her birthday. As it's getting cold, and we don't wish to just let her step on the cold floor with thin socks, we let her put on a pair of fur-lined soft leather boots today in the house, and they fit her very well, if only she did not want to keep tugging them off...

A last update for this post - I noticed her 7th tooth coming out today - her bottom left tooth beside the middle two teeth (whatever the medical name's called, duh...). I assume her 8th tooth on the right is coming out at the same time, just that it's not as prominent, heh!

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