Monday, November 23, 2009

Big hand hold small hand

Our girl can now walk with just holding on to one of our hands. Wayne tried supporting her in this way downstairs this morning, and she seems to enjoy the freedom, and can now stride pretty quickly (and big steps at that). However, she is still very cautious about letting go of her hands or standing by herself for too long, wanting to lurch towards us/objects of support whenever possible, like the relief on her face as she toddles towards her tricycle in this below video taken just now.

She can even hold onto her walker and attempt to ‘jump’ – I saw her actually jump slightly and started teaching her to ‘jump, jump, jump’ as I pounced and bounced around her, making her chuckle and repeat after me, saying ‘gah, gah, gah’ as she bent her knees repeatedly to attempt her jumps.

She now also knows how to imitate the ways a bird flies, using her hands to wave and make a flapping movement whilst going ‘siewp, siewp, siewp’ (flapping sounds). She has a set of red/black/white picture cards that has a pair of birds on one of it, and will always say ‘鸟鸟’as she looks for the bird. She can similarly remember where the goldfish in the storybook is (making puckering sounds to mimick a fish), and even look for the ABC book with a picture of the goldfish, making the correct association that it’s the same object.

All these new tricks up her sleeve have been making her drink a lot of water in the cold, dry weather (and be very appreciative of it) – we make it a habit to leave her water bottle in full view of her at all times (e.g. placing it on the sofa when she’s in the living room), so that she can point at it and grab it to drink any time. She very cheekily has learnt to go ‘aaaahhhh…’every time after a good mouthful of water, haha!

Last night, she also mastered calling ‘爷爷’, and has been making Wayne carry her up to see the various family photos on the upper shelf of the TV console. Whenever she sees the family photos, she will want to hold them up close and point at the different people whilst mumbling, and of course learning from us who the respective folks are.

She has learnt to be very loving and can now kiss us on cue, puckering her sweet lips up to plant a peck on our cheeks. When she wanted to put the toy lamb into her walker, she even gave it a kiss before putting it down. She also gave alot of wet kisses to a photo of Wayne's grandmother, haha! The old lady will be so elated if she knows how warm her great-grandaughter is!

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