Saturday, November 28, 2009

The toddling Bunny's day out

As Rosabelle is fast outgrowing the pink bomber jacket (too short and tight), I had spotted another nice bomber jacket at Sanlitun area (Nali patio) the other day, but as it was our date night, I did not spend much time looking around the shop. So before Wayne went back to Zhengzhou, we went during the afternoon to grab a few items from the shop (two jackets, two hats, four pairs of socks, and one scarf). (After that, I came home and searched online - one of the jackets is selling for about RMB30 cheaper, inclusive of shipping costs from Shanghai, and even includes a faux fur lining around the hood - faint!!!)

In keeping with our Saturday routine of bringing Rosabelle out for lunch, the nanny and I took her to 花家怡园 just now, with her modeling her newest bunny hat (the bob makes her look so much more taller, eh?).
Before we settled into lunch and before the food came, the nanny kept her entertained as she toddled around the restaurant, chasing/scaring away an elder boy with her overwhelming warmth...
She did not dare to let go of the nanny's hands, but according to the latter, when I was bathing last night, Rosabelle took 7 steady steps on her own! Granted, she was rather apprehensive and after that kept bending down to maintain her balance, but it's a good start to walking independently, heh! Too bad, I again missed that, and she even tried another 6 steps after that. When I went out to see her, she only managed a shaky 3-4 steps before pouncing towards me or any other item for relieved support...

Lunch came, and she pretty much enjoyed the oatmeal caixin dish, the ngor hiang (五香) pork (and sliced pork from my porridge, which was too salty to give her on its own), as well as bits of the noodles and egg tart.
After that, she was happy as a lark playing around on the sofa.
Think the nanny must be glad for this outing, as it saves her alot of trouble in preparing for the food, and washing up after, and she can also enjoy a leisurely meal, heh! Recently, I got my ex-colleague to help me print out a stack of useful information for the nanny to read, like how to wash hands properly, top things to take note of in handling food, keys to food safety, and too bad there is no Chinese version of how to properly wash vegetables (though I'm not too sure if over-doing the washing will do anything to the vitamins...). At least when I let her read on her own from 'authoritative' sources, it'd save me much grief of having to explain the importance of such things to her... I follow this site on Beijing health, written by an ang mor doctor, pretty regularly, and got the sources from there.

At least I'm glad our Ayi is quite open/receptive to comments/suggestions/criticisms(s?), and will try her best to accommodate my demands, heh! If I didn't know any better, I would have thought it's her food that made Rosabelle whine suddenly during lunch yesterday. I was preparing to go to the supermarket when after a few spoonfuls of porridge, Rosabelle started crying incessantly and refused to eat. So I got the nanny to carry her up and she immediately threw up her food. Oh dear! Maybe the food went down the wrong way, but she almost immediately also felt better and started smiling... hmm, she was ok and in high spirits after, so I'm not too worried - it could even be a side effect of the vaccine from the day before (vomiting is listed as one of the side effects).

These few days, I have witnessed Rosabelle being able to stack blocks/cylinders very well. She even managed to stack a long cylinder on top of a short one, and every time she stacks one successfully, she will go 'Yaaay!!!', and look at the nanny and/or I to applaud her before she starts clapping her own hands. Sometimes, even before she has put the block on properly, she will start shouting 'Yaaaay!!!' in anticipation, haha!

One development I'm not too entirely pleased with is that she is starting to open drawers at the TV console, so rather than go into a 'No, no, no!' game with her (which we of course have to reinforce all the time), I will instead use my finger to press subtlely against the drawer. Subtlely it is, because if she sees us using our fingers/hands to block, she will pull/push it away. So at least with a subtle blocking, she will try to open and give up after awhile, thinking the drawer is locked, haha!

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