Saturday, November 28, 2009

A car's not an animal, Mummy!

Here it is, caught on video, the succession of 'sounds' that Rosabelle can make now. She had woken up from her afternoon nap just now, and I snapped a few shots of her to first warm up...
Then I went into our tried and tested routine of animal sounds, though she got a bit stumped at the 'car' bit, haha!

As the video was slightly cut off at the beginning with me asking her to make the 'chicken' sound, I took another asking about the chicken, and before I could go on to ask about other sounds, she gave me one of her usual naughty, cranky faces (will make fake, crying noises) when she's in one of those moods, especially right before bed-time when she's super sticky to me, haha!

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