Monday, November 30, 2009

Auntie shopping - So *not* fun

As Wayne's in Zhengzhou this week, the task of grocery shopping fell on my shoulders, without the car. I made use of Rosabelle's lunch time to scoot off to Carrefour (eating a hasty lunch at 永和大王), and spent my next 1+ hour there. I normally have a grocery list, but it wasn't funny having to lug two huge bags of groceries back. I also sat a motor-taxi (albeit illegal 蹦蹦) for the first time since I got pregnant. Those things are like tuk-tuks in Bangkok, only more dangerous as they sometimes go in the face of traffic!

In the end, there were still some missing items I could not get, and during Rosabelle's dinner time, I walked to Tesco and got some of them (some, because the chicken rack, and cai xin, and kailan, all remain strangely elusive). I'm going to try my neighbourhood supermarket tomorrow, then it'd be a looong while before I go into another supermarket - I will seriously stab the eye of anybody who dares suggest a shopping trip there... I. am. in. urgent. need. of. PROPER. retail. therapy.

On to something more fun... this morning, Rosabelle was watching me apply my face and body creams (she likes to see me do it every night, but I was doing it in front of her this morning since I needed to look after her as the nanny was preparing her breakfast). She then pointed at my chin to indicate that I still had a spot of cream on my face, haha! After I hastily rubbed it in, she then copied me by rubbing around her chin. Today, whenever we ask her 'How does Mummy apply cream on the face?', she will do a hasty chin/mouth rub, so funny!

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