Friday, November 6, 2009

Not exactly Border's, but still...

Our block has been short-changed – due to the strange snowfall that dawned early upon Beijing, the authorities had decreed that central heating has to start from Nov 1 instead of Nov 15, as stipulated annually. Only today, after finding out from the rest of the folks in the yard, did I realize that all other blocks in our estate already have heating from Nov 3, and the exception is our block, with some supposed ‘lack of spare parts’ issue, and the management office is not doing anything about it since they do not collect fees (i.e. earn money) from this. So irritating…anyway, I could hear the water guzzling in the heating pipes in the afternoon, so guess they’re trying the heating out and we should hopefully get our warmth over the next few hours. Cold weather is forecasted over the weekend, so I really don’t wish to have to switch on the aircon the whole day; it’d be so drying!

In any case, our girl has as usual been bundled up, making her look so cute, and her face look even rounder, haha!

On Wednesday, Wayne and I paid a trip to Ikea in the afternoon – Rosabelle’s toys and books are really getting too much, and I wanted to be able to pack them properly, and make it such that she has easy access to them (instead of wrapped up in individual bags/boxes). So we got a few boxes/containers, and I got down to compartmentalizing and re-packing last night…this is what we ended up with on her playmat:
The amount of toys/books here do not yet include those in a (even bigger) container that houses new toys that I have yet to introduce to her, new books that are for older children, and larger toys that are being rotated. There is yet another (smaller) container with movable toys that are being brought out from time to time, another pillow-bag-sized lot of plush toys, and two stacks of books at the TV console, coupled with more toys in the bedroom, and more toys in the bathroom…
Oh well… at least now Rosabelle has her first-ever mini library, and she went up to grab two books from the box just now, swishing away the Ayi’s hand when the latter offered to help her take them, haha!
With such massive invasion of space, the only comfort we can take is that Rosabelle really seems to have cultivated a love for books/reading, or at least turning the pages, heh! Just the day before, she started to be able to make ‘bzzzzz’ sounds when I pointed to the bee in the book and asked her to make a bee sound for me. Nice!

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