Thursday, November 5, 2009

And baby makes three!

Chinese (ok, Chinese Singaporeans, at least), believe that the first trimester of a pregnancy is very crucial, and for this reason, superstitions forbid them from announcing the good news of a pregnancy to outsiders. (NO, I am NOT the one pregnant again!)

So, I confirmed with my mum today, that yes, my sis is about three months pregnant already, and it marks her third child! Wowee man! She's going through quite a bout of morning sickness, the poor girl, and I'd already sent back alot of my maternity clothes and infant clothes/stuff the previous time my ex-colleague went back to Singapore. That's her above in 2004, heavily pregnant with her first child, Simon, with cauliflower nose to boot!

Heh, I really admire her for going through this all over again (the morning sickness; the ever-expanding belly, and thighs; the backache; the upcoming confinement etc), but I know it'll be all worth it once we see the newborn. She has not scanned the gender yet, but boy or girl, I'm going to be a Yi Yi to yet another cutie come mid-May - I just can't wait, and Rosabelle will no longer be the chili padi (the smallest) amongst her cousins!

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