Friday, November 6, 2009

Not exactly Jimmy Choos, but still...

After realizing how scruffy poor Rosabelle's shoes are, I actually went shopping on Tuesday to get her two new pairs of shoes. Unfortunately, they only had the display items available, and furthermore, they were not in her sizes (only in bigger sizes). But being the 'see good deal, must grab!' mummy, I willingly paid RMB133 (after discount from original price of RMB168) for one pair of red Hubsche ankle-length shoes (one size bigger), and paid only RMB50 for another pair of yellow Hubsche shoes (two sizes bigger!). After reaching home, I found out that the red shoes had some sewing at the front of the shoe tongue - yikes! It must have been mended after too much/too violent trying out in the stores...however, after deliberating, Wayne and I decided even if we went back, they would not have any other smaller sizes for us to purchase, so... we'll stick with that.

Seeing that the new pairs of shoes are a tad too big for Rosabelle now, and also seeing that her current pair of scruffy shoes have been worn out doubly (i.e. the sole area has torn, and the second layer of cloth has also given way, meaning that the only thing separating her toe in her sock from the floor is a thin lining of cloth!), we went to Solana for dinner just now, thinking of getting another pair of shoes from Mothercare for her, since the soft fit suits her trying to walk stage.

Only thing is, Mothercare had no discounts, and we couldn't find anything in small sizes suitable for the upcoming cold weather, so instead, we chanced upon some offer items (red alert, red alert, 'see good deal, must grab!' mummy!!!) at a push cart on the children's level. We finally settled on a pair of Guangdi (local brand) faux fur-lined brown shoes (that squeaks when she walks) for RMB70 and a Bobdog pink/silver pair for RMB110.

So...this is our girl's shoe collection, for the time being. The pink and brown pairs on the bottom right of the photo below are given by another mummy in the yard, whose daughter only wore them a few times (and she actually washed them nicely), but they are too big for Rosabelle now, so we do have a few pairs to fit on her when her feet grows gradually.
Shoe fetish, anyone?

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