Thursday, November 19, 2009

A great source of entertainment

Rosabelle likes to open/close her hands when I sing 'Twinkle, twinkle little star', and will almost always say 'star' (or sometimes sounds like her favourite '八!') at the first sentence. At times, when I am nursing her before her bed-time, I will say 'Mummy's going to sing you a song', intending to lull her to sleep, but I only have to finish saying this sentence for her to put her hands up and start dancing and/or clapping, haha!

Like last night, she simply refused to go to sleep, and wanted to play on her own bed. It was already past 11, and Wayne wanted to pick her up to rock her to sleep (her usual routine of looking at the Rabbit God in the kitchen, and the photos on the fridge), but she would cry once he picked her up. So we had no choice but to allow her to indulge herself on her bed whilst we switched off the lights and I pretended to sleep on the big bed. When I purposely turned my back towards her, she tried to attract my attention by laughing 'Heh, heh! Heh, heh!' and screaming. She even invented a three-step dance where she would turn from one corner of her bed and grab the side handrail before lifting her hands up to clap with an elated scream (she did this routine for a few times in succession for us to believe it was no random dance movement...).

Our little performer also likes the sound of her own voice, wanting to speak into the toy microphone and calling 'Papa' into it. Nowadays, she would do the same action of speaking into a microphone (bend her head down and speak closely into it) when she sees anything that resembles a mic - e.g. her toy phone, and even the cup used during bath times.

Speaking of bath time, I saw a red scratch on her left thigh during bath last night, and suspect it might have been caused by her scratching herself during diaper change time with the pen she likes so much to hold. In any case, it shouldn't have caused/be causing her much pain as I don't remember her crying about it over the past two days. However, when I questioned her about it by pointing out the mark on her thigh during bath time wound, she looked down and patted herself on the thigh before giving me a pitiful, crying face, as if she was in pain. Haha, what an actress!

She seems to understand the concept of wounds/hurt, as she will be very sheepish after we chide her for biting us (sometimes in over-enthusiasm) on the shoulder when we carry her. She will then pat us and hug/love us. The nanny came back from her two-days sick leave today (thankfully feeling better) and had a graze on her left hand. She told me Rosabelle saw it and patted the nanny's hand lightly, giving a crying face, as if to say 'So poor thing, Ayi!'.

If only she could articulate... for now, she will stick to picking up even more animal sounds - she can mimick the 'cuckoo koo' of a chicken when we prompt her to, haha! Though I'm not so sure it's 'haha' time for my sis - both Simon and Marianne have come down with chicken pox, with Simon getting it first (90+ spots on his body), and Marianne having a milder version (10+ small spots only) - at least they will be enjoying the same treatment at the same time, heh!

Yesterday, we brought Rosabelle to Element Fresh at The Village for lunch - she's making funny faces and giving her 'most beautiful smile' here whilst awaiting the food. (On a week day, our orders still took very long to arrive, and given we had ordered a set meal, they did not think to at least serve us the soup first before the main course, right until I had to remind them to hurry up... duh...). She enjoyed the cheese marconi, and bits of fish, chicken, and mushroom from our dishes.

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