Monday, November 16, 2009


I've been wanting to snap this set of photos of Rosabelle donning a pair of teddy bear tights for her meal times (since it's cold and she cannot just wear a thin pair of pants).
It's an old pair given by another Mummy in the yard, but it's good enough for us to keep her nice and warm.

However, she started having a slight runny nose since Saturday. The nanny actually told me she (the nanny herself) started feeling unwell with a bad throat and runny nose since Thursday, and after she blew her nose, I warned her that she had to wash her hands very properly (she only like rinsed her hands/soaped in 5 seconds!), and to maintain very strict hygiene when preparing Rosabelle's food and handling her items. When I caught the nanny putting her forehead against Rosabelle's (in affection over meal time), I had to remind her to hold back and ensure that she does not go too near Rosabelle in this manner over this period whilst she is unwell. She also does not really 'get it' and shared the same fruit fork as us, and continues to use the same cup/teaspoon as us for her morning cereal, yikes!

But alas, as with all colds, the germs spread very easily and even before somebody can come down with symptoms, so it's not surprising that poor Rosabelle probably caught it, given the close proximity to the nanny. The nanny offered to take leave on Friday but I told her so long as she maintains a high level of hygiene, it should be fine.

The nanny came back yesterday from her usual day-off on Saturday, and seemed to be better, but this morning, she told me when she was carrying Rosabelle last night, she felt weak and almost fell down, aiyo! So we've decided to give her two days off (no pay, of course), and Wayne and I will fly solo for the next two days whilst the nanny rests well. Hopefully she will recuperate properly, and it's just as well so that she won't further spread the germs, heh!

As for Rosabelle, her runny nose seems to have cleared up slightly today, and I did not give her any medicines since it does not seem to be getting serious. Fingers crossed it's just her little body's way of fighting off infections and building her own immunity!

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