Thursday, November 5, 2009

Our cover girl

This morning, we (ok, at least I) eagerly awaited the arrival of the photographer and his assistant from Chocolate Box who were due to come to our house to take photos of Rosabelle (and throw in some family pix at the same time).

Rosabelle woke up early enough at 8:30 am and we were all dressed and ready by 10:15 am, the time they were supposed to come. We'd already set all 3 sets of house aircon to blow warm air at 27 degrees (since the photographer said Rosabelle would be wearing summer clothing - sure does not make sense to bundle her up and not reveal her baby fats, haha!). Wayne and I had also changed into our clothes (as instructed: light-coloured). However, they arrived almost half an hour late as the photographer said they'd gone to another part of our large estate - hmmph! Well, we took the time to feed Rosabelle her morning fruit of mashed banana (she likes mashed fruits these days, as opposed to bite-sized pieces, must be due to her 7th/8th teeth coming out).

In any case, once they came, I got him to pick out the dresses I had shortlisted for Rosabelle to wear, and in the photos, they really do not want anything too loud/garish (so think pastels, whites etc), so we agreed on 4.5 dresses (I will detail the 0.5 later on). They would usually bring some of their own dresses/accessories for the child, but it looks like there was no need for Rosabelle to don theirs since she has so many nice hand-me-downs from Marianne Jie Jie - even the assistant asked if we specially tailor-made the pretty dresses for her, and she probably did not want to take out her collection to show us, haha!

I forgot to take one of a white dress, but here are shots of the others (with matching hair clips to boot). A flirty, bright blue floral dress that saw her posing on our sofa and against the windows. She wasn't very sure of what was happening in the first few sequences, not really smiling/laughing much, and we (or mainly I) had to tease her, hold toys in the air for her, and grab her attention to make her loosen up and laugh. It wasn't long before I started feeling rather hot with the aircon blowing hot air.
After a few shots, she basically warmed up and was her chirpy self. She then changed into a white chest-embroidered dress (not shown here) and posed against the windows, kitchen cabinets, the shoe sofa, and our bed. After that, it was back to blue again with this floral prints dress that saw her playing on her own bed.
The 0.5 is this below get-up: stripped down to her floral blue panties, haha! She had quite a fun time frolicking on our bed, but also took time out to drink some water. As the aircon was rather drying, she was very thirsty and finished 100ml of water in one sitting! Our poor model must have been tired out!
And then we had the last fitting - a pale yellow dress with the most unmatching pink shoes (I don't have any other nice pairs of shoes for her that fit now, haha...). She did her walker-walk in this dress, and we also took some family shots at the end.
In between, the photographer would also capture shots of either Wayne or I playing with her or have shots of both of us seated at her sides and interacting with her, so that the photos aren't too posey. We wrapped everything up smoothly in 1.5 hours with no crying/fussing from our girl, just in time for her 12:30 lunch to start on time, heh!
The photographer and his assistant were also nice folks (other than being late!), except that when he stepped on our bed to take Rosabelle from the top, there was a foul smell coming from his socks - I almost fainted - and his feet was inches from Rosabelle's, the poor girl!
The photos will be ready for our selection in 3 days' time - I can't wait to see them!

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