Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Winter Wonderland

After being cooped at home the whole of yesterday due to cold weather and a midnight heavy snowfall, we woke up today to bright and chirpy sunshine, albeit with snow covering the whole area within our estate. Temperatures have dipped sub-zero, but we could not wait to get out and let Rosabelle experience her first snow since the weather was good.
As you can see, we have her wrapped up nicely and snuggly, complete with new gloves to protect her small hands from the biting cold, and with her new pair of fur-lined shoes.
She was very excited to see other friends, though there are lesser and lesser kids coming out nowadays and it's rare to have more than 5-6 of them at any one time.
Here she is, being slightly over-enthusiastic and wanting to reach out to and 'love, love' Gao Yiwei...
She likes to lean on/walk around strollers these days, giving me headaches about her trousers which get terribly dirty from being rubbed against the stroller wheels..
Even when Gao Yiwei was rather nonchalent about the warm welcome, Rosabelle still did not give up.
At one point, Rosabelle was quite frustrated at not being able to grab hold of Gao Yiwei's buttons (as she has gloves like that of a baking glove, and did not separate her fingers from her thumb, so she basically could not hold anything, haha!).
That's her looking mighty cheery from hassling older kids.
Daddy still loves you, little terror or not.
We then made a little round around the estate, taking photos (not our car) of a car that was covered in a blanket of snow...
And letting Rosabelle gingerly step on snow for the first time.
That was the only shot of her looking at the camera - she was much too excited about the soft snow covering her shoes to look at me after that. We had to carry her away as she was busy kicking away at the snow, getting her shoes and trousers wet, heh!
This is yet another friend of hers, Chen Wanyi, who looks like he is geared for the North Pole.
These days, it's a nightmare to get Rosabelle back into her stroller - she just refuses to sit in it, and it does not help that she is wearing more clunky and slippery clothing, making it harder for us to buckle her in. Yet again, it could be because the straps are too stifling that she feels uncomfortable. The other day, since she refused to let me buckle her in, I just let her sit in it, unbuckled. On the way back, I suddenly heard her cry out 'Mama! Eh, Mama!', and saw her slide under, with her arms raised beneath the stroller handle. It was quite dangerous, and rather hilarious, at the same time. I told her, 'See, it's very dangerous huh? Luckily you know how to call Mama to save you, or you would have dropped onto the road!'.

It's going to still be cold over the next few days, so hopefully she can enjoy more of the morning sun, as it gets dark (and cold) by around 5 pm these days, making it hard for us to make it to and enjoy our evening walks.

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