Friday, November 13, 2009

Photos: Action! (Part III)

The last part of the professional studio photographer shots were taken in the studio on Wednesday. Since they were going to take more family shots for us to choose from, the photographer also captured some individual poses of Rosabelle.

Maybe it was the unfamiliar surroundings, but she took some time to warm up and give us her cheery smiles. She liked this bannister prop so much that she kept looking at it long after it was taken away. However, it was super dusty at the bottom and I watched in horror as her clean, white stockings helped mop the dust away, ewwww.....
She is giving her classic 'lion roar' here, as she goes 'aaaahhhh...'. This is a nice, rare shot of Wayne and Rosabelle, as most of the time, I am the one playing around with her, heh!
And ta-dah, another family photo that we are more satisfied with. Rosabelle refused to look at the camera and had to be distracted by flowers/fake fruits that the assistant had to distract her with. The girl made the wrong choice of bringing along a fake bunch of grapes, and the fruit being her favourite, Rosabelle of course wanted to grab at it and kept clamouring her '拿拿拿拿拿!' until we let her hold it. So there, a nice family pic...and a bunch of grapes (she even bit on it afterwards, haha!).
After that, whilst waiting to load the photos and select them, our tired model again replenished her fluids. Obviously, this is a shot taken by our trusty Canon - dark and blurry... enough of studio photos, and back to the harsh reality, hoho.
Stay tuned for what the end coffee table book will turn out to be like. We'll of course also be framing some photos (perfect for the blank wall in between both rooms), and perhaps doing a simple book/calendar for my and Wayne's parents as well.

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