Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New grooves

Rosabelle has been doing alot of dancing these days. She will normally shake her body and/or raise her hands in the air when she hears any music, or sounds that remotely make some music (i.e. the microwave, or when we recite Chinese limericks to her). These days, other than just moving her body up and down, she has learnt to shake her hands/body sideways, sway by shifting her weight from one leg to another, and even twist her wrists around.

This is her reacting to some music from a new multi-faceted toy (again another birthday present from one of the mummies in the yard - you can see that I am introducing new toys/books to her very gradually, just so she does not get too overwhelmed and lose interest in each toy so quickly):
You can view her mini dance-a-thon here:

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