Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Side parting

A few days ago, Rosabelle donned a pink beanie (supposed Bathing Ape brand, but I'm sure it's an imitation - one of three colours given by another Mummy for her birthday) - her face looked even more round with it on. It was rather tight, though, so hopefully it will stretch even more after a few washes, or it'll be yet another white elephant victim of Rosabelle's ever-expanding head circumference...
And she cooperated mostly throughout the trip outside - i.e. did not attempt to grab and pull the hat off.

After about an hour or so outdoors, ta-dah! This is what she came back with after we took off the hat - a very cute (and flat) hairstyle with a side parting. It looked very 'gentlemanly' and hilarious all at the same time, making her hair look matted and wavy...
In the photos above, you can see the nanny wiping her mouth after a meal, but these days, she knows how to pick up a napkin to gently brush against her mouth - her way of 'wiping her own mouth'. She will also brush the napkin against our mouths when we ask her to wipe our mouths for us.

Just as well that she knows how to do her own 'cleaning up'. Yesterday, the nanny made yam for the first time for her, and she spat the mashed yam out the first few times, so today, the nanny made it more runny (with some chicken soup), and she seemed to like it. Must have been the thick consistency and the new taste of the food, heh!

And now that she knows how to spit out the iron supplement concoction, we have resorted to syringing out the mixture onto a spoon for her - she likes it this way! But after she rejected the spoon today, we had to resort to pouring the mixture into the measuring cup (5ml kinds used for medicines) and she took it like a shot, smacking her lips, and even clamoured for more after. She really has a mind of her own (though strange at times) as to what she wants, sigh!

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