Monday, January 17, 2011

Having guests

A lot of kids have been falling ill in the neighbourhood, keeping them from school, and from playing outside. Something is in the air, I guess. So these days, whenever we head out, Rosabelle is usually the oldest kid around, with the rest either in kindy or at home. Naturally, when she reunites with old friends like Wei Wei, it’s a joyful session for them both, and as we were all heading home after a morning’s play, Rosabelle decided to ask, of her own accord, for Wei Wei to come to our house. Her grandma wasn’t willing as she knows Wei Wei cries easily and might be a handful, and our girl even put in a good word for her, saying ‘微微不哭,来我们家就一会儿,然后回家', haha!

So there she was, in our house for about an hour, as the girls played before lunch. Our girl was surprisingly magnanimous, letting Wei wei touch/play with everything, whilst the older girl was more possessive and not as sharing of the things she had set her eyes/hands upon. When Rosabelle pretended to pour a cup of 啤酒 for her, she even pushed it away, tsk tsk! Luckily Rosabelle wasn’t too distracted by our little visitor, and when time came around for lunch, she was happy to go onto her high chair and eat properly.
As for Wei wei, she kept refusing to come with me to go on home (I’d promised her grandma to bring her back for her lunch), so I prepared a bowl of porridge, sweet potato, broad beans/chicken, spinach, and red capsicum for her. Now, this girl can normally eat quite well, and has quite a good appetite, but she was most picky about her foods that day, spitting out the sweet potato, not touching her greens, and saying the beans/chicken were 臭, haha! Luckily she wasn’t sitting next to Rosabelle and letting her see her bad example… As I was preparing to call her grandma, the old lady arrived at our door, wanting to bring her back. Wei wei continued playing as grandma fed her a few more scoops of the food before they said their goodbyes. She, as well as another good friend Mai Dou, will also be heading back to their hometowns for CNY, so it will be some time before we can see them!

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