Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Suzy Wong

I thought that Rosabelle looked very cute in the cheongsum she donned in the Weikaqi shoot, so in the spirit of the upcoming ching-chong CNY, I did a scour on my favourite Taobao, and found a shop specializing in children’s cheongsums (that’s very important – I did not want to deal with somebody with no knowledge of cheongsums, and was usually more focused on selling women’s beauty products, or other more expensive children’s clothing). So I narrowed the choices down to 3 designs, and got 2 for Rosabelle, and one for Marianne.

Our girl was the most cooperative in changing into them and striking poses! I really have no idea where she got the ‘hand behind head, foot raised in slight tilt’ pose from – it’s so scary!
Then she changed into another one, in the exact same size, but the cloth seemed harder/thicker, so it did not fit/hug her as well, but still looked very sweet and festive, nonetheless.
Nice! This is a great take on the boring traditional flowers on silk material cheongsums I see all over Singapore. Hope she’ll get good reviews and more angpow money, haha!

Speaking of the New Year, I was scheduled to meet up with friends like ex-colleague
Pauline, but she emailed me saying she got into an accident where their car skidded off the road and banged into a tree, totally wrecking it. Her hubby had to get an op for his left hand fracture, whilst she has to wear a brace for her neck to waist for 6 months. Oh my goodness! I was telling her it’s lucky her two girls were not in the car, and that she’s not pregnant (the impact cut the seatbelt so deep into her tummy it caused a blue-black). So poor thing! I really hope to be able to see them over CNY, even at their home, and hope the little gifts she asked me to get from Taobao for the girls will cheer them/her up somewhat.

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