Sunday, January 9, 2011

That’s Popo!

Of late, Rosabelle has been reading, and re-reading furiously this magazine that I left in the bathroom book rack from 2008 – I took it out for her to entice her to try and poo one day, and since then, she’s been asking for it every poo time, and even during meal times. It’s her 妈咪宝贝 magazine, and so the title goes, a magazine obviously about parenting and babies.

And one day, she flipped to a picture of this advisor in a column:
And started claiming that it’s Popo, my mum. Haha! You decide and see for yourself if there are any striking similarities (the thin, pursed lips, the small eyes, the golden-rimmed specs, the short curly hair with blown-up fringe…). Just in case you are confused, that’s my mum on the left in red, and the Popo imposter on the right.
The other day, Rosabelle also surprised us with a (I think) very intelligent question as she was drinking her breakfast milk – 奶奶,牛喝牛奶吗? (Nainai, do cows drink milk?) Wow – it shows that he little mind is ticking and I knew it won’t be long before I get questions like these! (In case you are wondering, provided you place a bucket of milk in front if a cow, no, they won’t proactively search for milk unless they are calves. Cows just take grass and water… or so I think, haha…)

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