Sunday, January 9, 2011

Pingyao Day 4 – Missing Jing’s

Our girl woke up close to 8:30am this morning, and normally I’m the one in a hurry, but this time, Wayne was trying to make sure we all packed up and ate fast so we could head off as soon as possible, so he was bundling most of the bags into the car when I had them ready, and even suggested we could head off right after breakfast, but hey, I like to come back to the room, pack some last-minute things, go to the washroom etc… it was a pity we could not enjoy their complimentary extension to 2pm, oh well…

So over breakfast, we took photos with the lovely staff, Achmad, who nicely offered to get ready some breads for Rosabelle to bring and eat in the car.
Mary and Jackson… Rosabelle wasn’t eating much but I wanted her to fill up as much as possible as we weren’t going to get a proper lunch. So I requested for ketchup, and it worked, as she loved it on her scrambled eggs, haha…
We were taking photos with all available staff, so it was a pity some of them weren’t around on our last day, as Rosabelle loved to call Ayi and Shushu whenever she saw them, or sometimes scream from the top of the stairs for them. When the cook passed by, she pointed at him and said, ‘这个叔叔没照相呢', haha!

When it was time to say bye bye, I saw that Achmad was giving training to his staff, so did not go in and interrupt them. Xiaoyun, however, sent us off, and I love these photos of Rosabelle with her. Sigh! Why can’t she pose so sweetly with Mummy?!
As we got into the car, it was already 10am and when Wayne was preparing to drive off, we saw Achmad running out with Xiaoyun, and he apologized for not sending us off, saying that he did not know we were leaving so fast. So nice of him to run out in the middle of a training… I will surely miss them all!

In the car, she snacked on apples (has a really vivid imagination, saying her bites are a caterpillar, or Minnie Mouse – which they really do!), cereal (I’d brought this from home on the first day but did not feed her in the car, so just nice that she had it on the way back), biscuits… whilst Wayne and I stopped for our instant noodles fix, heh! She was talking a lot on the way, and even pretended to sleep, asking me to snap pictures of her. I took the chance of a captive toddler to cut her nails for her to keep her occupied, haha…
Then at close to 4pm, she really slept… for slightly more than an hour, waking up just as we were nearing home.
When she came back, luckily she wasn’t hostile with Nainai, though she was busy poring through her books and giving her toy baby a full body check-up and bath, haha… After I had finished unpacking, we then headed to Malacca Legend for dinner, where upon reaching, she ran straight for an older girl (about 5 years old?) sitting down and kissed her on the face. The girl was quite shocked for awhile and minutes later, was crying whilst sitting on her mum’s lap. Oh dear… I had to apologise to the parents, who were thankfully not angry over Rosabelle’s sudden kiss.

That night, she had a slight cough, but was surprisingly not sleepy, heading to bed only at around 11:30pm – guess she misses her toys too much!

I’m glad we made this trip together, and glad we paid the extra moolah to stay at Jing’s, because that really was the highlight of the trip for me. Lesson learnt – pack extra thick clothing in the luggage next time, because you will really appreciate it when you need it! And also really only cover the important sites because with kid and unwilling hubby in town, no way were we going to make it all!

As an aside, after we got back and let Nainai try out her cloth shoes, they were a size too small for her, so I arranged to have it couriered over the next day on Tuesday for RMB14, and requested for the owner to send a bigger pair back, and make a size 15 red shoes for Rosabelle instead (size 16 is way too big…). So I placed RMB35 in the box – RMB25 for Rosabelle’s shoes, and RMB10 for the courier back to Beijing. That was last Tuesday. And the folks received our package only WEDNESDAY, more than a week later, when it was at most supposed to be two to three days!

I used the company宅急送, on the advice of the shoe shop owner, but this will the last time I use them. When I called on Monday, they said that it was because of the New Year’s holiday that there was a delay. Hello… I sent on Tuesday, and it was supposed to reach latest Friday. New Year’s on Saturday, so how was something happening AFTER that supposed to affect my package? I had wanted to make complaints but just made repeated calls (and choosing the ‘4’ for complaints) saying that the line was engaged, and I checked their website and called the company but nope, the extension number for complaints, as well as the operator, were also all engaged (nobody picked up). I even left my contact with their staff who takes orders, and left a voice mail. Nope, nobody.

The worst was when I called the next day, this fucking idiot of a man said that I can complain only after the package had reached Pingyao. So when I asked him for a direct number for complaints, he said there was no number, and I had to call the main line and press ‘4’, which I’ve been doing and not getting a response, idiot! He kept repeating himself, and kept saying the package must reach Pingyao before they can deal with my complaint, so I asked him if I called tomorrow, will there be somebody picking up the darned ‘4’ line, and he bloody hung up on me!!! I wrote a complaint on their website submission, as well as left a message with the online operator, but I guess that’s going to go down a black hole as well as even their email given for responses was invalid (i.e. the email bounced back). Sheesh!

As for the owner of the shoe shop, he, in contrast, was uber reliable and responsible. He called me a few days later, saying he still had not received the shoes, and advised that I check. Wednesday morning, I received a text message saying he’s received them, and has already couriered the new pairs to me. So nice of him! And it took them only two days for the bloody courier to send our package to Beijing. @#!$^%!!!!

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