Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Before we head home...

In about 24 hours, we’ll be on board a plane, homeward bound for Singapore. My brother-in-law and Mum will pick us up at the airport and fetch us to my brother-in-law/sis place first. They have a new maid in training, and the schedule is Thursdays/weekends at Kembangan, so they didn’t want to disrupt the schedule. For Rosabelle’s first two nights in Singapore eversince we last left in March this year, when she was almost 5 months old, she will be at my sister’s. Think she will really enjoy the expanse of space and vastness of the land she can explore whilst crawling/cruising in their big home! More importantly, my family will be around, and she will have Simon Kor Kor and Marianne Jie Jie to play with her.

For the past few days, I’ve been busy with preparing for the trip home – choosing/developing photos of Rosabelle to put into an album/frame up for my family; picking out clothes she has outgrown to be sent home; digging out the old pregnancy books I’d borrowed to be brought back; ensuring I’ve packed adequately for both myself and Rosabelle (they’ve most things at home, and my mum has had to help buy a few stuff here and there, so as to save me bringing home loads); going to the children’s wholesale market yesterday to get some stuff for family and friends (I ended up buying quite a fair bit of cold weather clothing for Rosabelle instead – very cute stuff! We also bought a larger-sized luggage bag for our trip home.); getting copies of her Amcare records for our successfully scheduled KKH appointment; arranging with friends for catch-up sessions; making sure I’ve all the necessary documentation for her denunciation of citizenship paperwork crap, and leaving behind a long list of to-dos for the nanny to clean up the house before and after she goes on her holiday home….


But it’s all worth it, as I can’t wait to be home, and have Rosabelle show off her crawling/cruising skills, and especially when of late, she likes to dance a lot, sitting on her butt and rocking as she claps/waves her hands, or sways/rocks when standing. She again impressed us all with her language skills again today, when she told the nanny ‘apple’ when the nanny was preparing the fruit for her. When I asked her to repeat it to me, and to my mum on the phone, she again said ‘apple’ pretty clearly. After my mum put down the phone, she went on to say ‘Popo’, and repeated it a few times to make sure that it was not just a random sound she was making!

I think Rosabelle has picked up on the positive vibes of the impending trip home, and was in a very good mood for the whole of today, teasing us with peekaboos, giving us her toothy grins. Just now, before her bed-time, I gave her a piece of tissue paper to tear – for her to practise her fine motor finger skills. She was happy as a lark, and was so focused on the task at hand that a drop of saliva oozed out of the corner of her mouth, and Wayne was so amused that she seemed to be falling backwards…

She later wanted to put bits of the tissue into her mouth, and was more amused than scared when I raised my voice at her to tell her not to do so.
She even sneakily hid the tissue, and gave her dad cheeky grins as he tried to pry the pieces away from her.
So my dear daughter, keep up your high spirits, as we’re bound for Home Sweet Home.
(My postings will likely go into slow-mo as I won’t bring my laptop along, and be spending more time on activities whilst in Singapore… we’ll be back… with a vengeance…)

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Piggy Family said...

Hey, remember to sms me regarding meeting this weekend ya? My mum is flying off to Macau this Sat evening so we may be at the airport to send her off. :)