Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Different Canons

At the birthday party we attended last Sunday, we took some photos on our Canon Ixus 80 that I included in the last post.

Today, Fei Fei's mum passed me a thumb drive of photos they'd taken on their Canon 30D - the kind of camera that looks like a bazooka and can blow up an army tank. Ooooh, the quality difference. These are the moments that make me want a more than point-and-shoot camera, but I get back on track once I think about the equipment we'd need to lug around. Erm...nope...I'd rather leave it to the professionals.
I especially like how this last photo of Rosabelle and the pink, wavy balloon is framed, as well as the subdued, warm lighting. Nice... she also got to bring home this balloon at the insistence of Fei Fei's mum, who thinks it matches her bunny suit very aptly. The balloon burst within an hour of us bringing it home (maybe it was the afternoon heat), and the nanny got a shock. Our brave girl just looked puzzled, and luckily the huge 'POOP!' sound did not falter her, heh!

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