Thursday, September 24, 2009

Celebrating as a family

Last Friday, 18 September, was my 32nd birthday. A year ago, Rosabelle was still in my tummy, and this year, we had dinner at home and Wayne got me a nice chocolate mousse cake that read '祝妈妈生日快乐 - 玥玥', so sweet!
Our baby girl sure knew how to look a the camera to pose for photos...
Maybe she was also exposed to quite a fair bit of birthday celebrations thus far (the nanny's, three cake-cutting in Singapore - mine, my Dad's, and my brother-in-law's family), but when Rosabelle saw the cake, she immediately clapped. Here she is clapping happily as they sang a birthday song for me.
We set the camera on timer and I think the blinking lights must have made Rosabelle stare intently at the camera for this group shot.
I really couldn't wish for anything more as I bask in the bliss of lovely husband and daughter...
After that, Rosabelle even helped me to 'cut' the cake!

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