Thursday, August 27, 2009

For Ayi

When our nanny passed me her identification card for safekeeping during our travels to Zhengzhou, I saw that her birthday fell on 27 Aug, today, so I kept that in mind and arranged to get a fruit cake for her this morning. I also got Wayne to help buy a scrunchy for her (a fake Burberry) as a small gift.

Rosabelle also basked in the limelight as we lit the candle and sang a birthday song for the Ayi, who turns 48 years old today.
After she blew out the candle, she also made a wish, and I'm sure she also wishes for Rosabelle's speedy recovery. My mum tells me whenever children fall sick, they will grow and learn fast very quickly after... well, it'd better be worth it, given all the suffering our poor girl has had to go through, what with high fever, then cough, then now a runny nose with mucous that shoots out when she sneezes... ewww....
Rosabelle was also fascinated by the plastic knife and was more hindrance than help when the Ayi wanted to cut the cake.
That's Ayi with her favourite Yue Yue.
The whole affair didn't cost us much time nor effort to plan/put into action, but it was just a small gesture to reward the poor lady for working her heart out, and for the turmoil she has also been going through during Rosabelle's fever period. She was very appreciative, and I'm sure if Rosabelle could say (she's been babbling loads these days), she would wish Ayi a 生日快乐!

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