Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Feeling corny

Rosabelle had her first taste of corn today, or to be more specific, grinded corn powder. The nanny mixed it in water and some egg to make a cake, which wasn't exactly very soft, but served as a good finger food for her to chew upon. I tasted some of it, and it was very dry, but Rosabelle seemed to like tearing little bits off to eat after she finished her dinner.
To cook it, the nanny had to use some oil so that it would not stick to the base of the pot, so I asked her to use the healthy walnut oil, and to only use it sparingly.
She finished off about two-thirds of a piece herself, and I am considering getting the nanny to do it to bring on our upcoming trip to Zhengzhou to visit Wayne's family. We'll only be going for two days, so these few days, I've stocked up on items like chicken/vegetable cereal mix, and vegetable porridge - items that require only hot water to mix and eat. I'm going to try these on her on the nanny's off day this Saturday to see if she likes them, and hopefully she has no reaction to them, before being sure I can bring them for her meals in Zhengzhou. We're most certainly not going to do any cooking there, as I can't imagine bringing all the crockery and utensils there, so the corn cake with eggs should give Rosabelle her daily serving of egg (we can't steam egg whilst there).
I want to be careful about corn, as I've read about reactions to them in babies below a year of age, but I also see alot of kids in the yard chewing on ears of corn, and there is goodness in corn as well, so hopefully she'll take well to it.
Just as well she needs all the energy she can muster, as I've been creating a fair bit of obstacle courses for her these days as her crawling gets better. I now place dining chairs in her way for her to crawl under, pillows on the bed and floor for her to crawl on/over, and get her to crawl under her bed and the clothes rack, all over my legs/stomach etc... all in the name of getting her to be more aware of her body and the relation to the spaces around her, importantly teaching her balance and danger, like knowing when to bend her head down to avoid knocking against the chair.
It's tiring for her, as well as for us, but I think she enjoys it!

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