Thursday, August 6, 2009

Daddy's time

Rosabelle has had the luxury of spending more time with Daddy dearest from this week as Wayne's on a break, and will at times join us downstairs for her walks, or at least be around the house more. I'm also trying to plan outings if the weather's good, as it'd be a nice change from the usual neighbourhood scenery she gets every day.This extra time and bonding has seemed to pay off quickly - Rosabelle would call 'Pa'/'Papa' if she cannot see him when she wakes up in the mornings (like when Wayne wakes up earlier to go for a morning jog), and she'd also be quite happy with Wayne carrying her to wash her hands (will at times make noise if the nanny tries to pluck her from me to wash hands after we get home).
Today, after her dinner (where she had barley for the first time in her red bean porridge - she did not really seem to like the tasteless nature of it) and bath, she let out a sneeze on the bed when the nanny was drying her, so the nanny picked up on it and went 'Atchoo!' again and again, making her chuckle heartily.

When the nanny carried Rosabelle out of the room and sat her with Wayne and I at the dining table, I continued with the 'Atchoo'-ing and she laughed happily. After a few times, she called 'Pa', as if asking Wayne to also do an 'Atchoo', and immediately after Wayne did it, she laughed out loud. This went on for a few times - Wayne purposely stopped the sound, and she called 'Pa' for him to 'Atchoo' at her, and she then chuckled.

I caught this on two videos, and you can also see her screaming excitedly, albeit slightly distracted by the camera pointing at her, heh!

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