Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My morning ray of sunshine

Whenever Rosabelle awakes in the morning, she will be gleeful most of the times (unless she got disturbed in her sleep, or wakes up hungry), and will give us her sweetest smile and wave 'hello' to us whilst standing up on her bed.

I will then transfer her onto our bed to change her diaper, giving her butt an airing time since we don't usually change her diaper at night, meaning she has it on for at least 9 hours at a go.

Today, I took shots of her wearing a pair of new, old pants that Simon/Marianne wore before - I think she looks very sporty/athletic in it, huh? Haha...
She will always stand up on our bed and try to reach for the fan and toy box, and always looks very contented with the fan in her hand. This is her giving me and the nanny her smiles, even with her 'out of bed' face and small eyes, heh!
She will at times lose her balance and topple over, lying herself comfortably on my pillow, and doing her flailing-arms-and-legs dance.
When she has her air-butt time, she will crawl around (we do get the occasional pee-on-bed incident, no biggie), and you can see the plush toy bee 'flying' in mid-air as she has a habit of liking to throw her stuff and toys around after playing with them for awhile. Thinking she does not want to play with them anymore, we will take it away from her, only to have her screaming for and reaching out for it, and then taking it in her hands only to throw it away again. Quite 无聊, if you ask me, but oh well, whatever entertains her....
As the nanny says, no matter how unhappy any of us are, whenever we see Rosabelle and her happy ways, it just lightens our moods and brightens us up immediately!

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