Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sunshine after the rain?

When we brought Rosabelle out for her evening walk just now, she hitched a ride on an older girl's push-car bike, and an older boy was pushing her from behind. I really should have watched more closely - I only let go of my hands for all of like 5 seconds when the older boy lost his balance and the whole bike turned on its side, with poor Rosabelle still seated within. I quickly picked her up (had some difficulty doing so due to the awkward position and thus pulled her face slightly along the floor), and pacified the howling girl. Luckily there was no bleeding/bumps or scrapes on her face/head, and another mother quickly gave us a wet wipe to wipe away the dirt on her face (Phew! Wayne thought it was a big patch of blue-black at first!), and another applied aloe vera to the area. However, her left hand was slightly bruised from landing on it, and had two small dots of blood, and her cheek thereafter had a slight red spot.

Her crying stopped very quickly, but the boy pushing her bike was still crying, maybe still frightened and afraid the adults would scold him. Considering that our girl is ill, and that she got a shock and some bruise, I think she took it very well and was very brave, but it gave me a wake-up call to exercise every caution with our dear Princess man!

Speaking of caution, Wayne had his spate of bad luck yesterday when he reversed our car into the parked car beside us, denting the back passenger side of the car. Insurance will be covering the damages (RMB1,500!), but he of course had to spend time contacting/apologizing to the owner, making his way down to the repair shop, and of course us having to live without a car till Monday. Sigh! He said he just didn't see the car next to us, which is strange. Looks like Mummy dearest's warning that this is the Seventh Lunar month should be heeded...but just in case, when Rosabelle had taken ill last week, I also sprinkled on and let her drink some holy water we got from Singapore, and added some to Wayne's water after he told me about the accident. Blessing in disguise that nobody got hurt, and this is a relatively minor accident, teaching us all to be more cautious when driving in future.

Another thing looking up for me is upon my brother-in-law's advice, I wrote an email to KKH central appointment to explain that I would be back in Singapore for only a short time, and to try and squeeze an appointment slot for Rosabelle with her usual paediatrician, and it worked! Yaay! So she'll be reviewed on Thursday afternoon, the day we get back. At least we will be in the capable hands of a doctor who can help with the many queries the sub-standard Amcare doctors in Beijing have not been providing us.

Our girl will hopefully get better soon, and the nanny let her practise walking by stepping on her feet today, so sweet. Get better, get better, get fatter, get fatter!

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