Monday, August 3, 2009

Cruising along

Rosabelle loves to crawl around on our bed and cruise along our bed headrest. Maybe it's the attraction of the alarm clock, aircon remote control, paper fan, and more importantly, the paper and pen I leave at the headrest (I've been recording all the times of her feeds and diaper changes every day since her birth - I'm on Page 73 now, A4 double-sided).

We will usually keep the pen away as we're afraid she'll jab herself accidentally, or poke too deep into her mouth when gumming it, but she's always very excited to see it. I caught her in action today cruising along our bedrest and pulling at the things.
In this video, she is trying to reach the camera case, and even takes a short jig in the middle when she sees the nanny. She can now 'dance' by bending/straightening her knees when in a standing position, and recently, is even attempting to climb by trying to raise her legs, or standing on things to get onto the sofa. Tres dangerous - tsk tsk.

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