Monday, August 3, 2009

Lousy doctors at work again

We brought Rosabelle for her second jab of the meningococcal meningitis jab on Saturday (next jab for this is due when she's 3 years old), as well as did a routine check-up. I asked the doctor questions concerning her runny stools (could be the food, just monitor and decrease amount given), her allergic reaction to pasta (no biggie if there's no vomiting/stomachache as the facial rash will fade), as well as the need for a Japanese encephilitis jab (due only after one year old, but funny Vanessa's doctor has given Rachel the jab). As usual, it was more a case of 自问自答 - asking my own questions and giving my own answers - sheesh. I really miss KKH's much more responsive, reassuring and seemingly knowledgeable paeds (not to mention, less expensive at that!).

When Rosabelle got the jab on the thigh, she cried at the point of the injection, but was quickly distracted when I carried her up. She now weighs 9.2 kg, and measures 74 cm, having a 0.2 kg and 2 cm increase from our last visit on 28 June. This marks her height and weight at a borderline 97th percentile, and her head circumference of 46 cm is a 97th percentile. Good!

This is her being sidetracked by a red ball decoy whilst the doctor used the stethoscope on her, but it wasn't long before she eyed the doctor warily and tried to push the cold steely stethoscope away...
Luckily we bathed her before going, as we couldn't bathe her after her vaccination, and thank goodness there was a heavy downpour in the evening, and it made the weather much more cooler, or the towel bath I gave her at night would definitely not be enough given her usual amount of activity and corresponding perspiration.

It also means that we have to put on hold any introduction of new foods, but just as well, she had her first taste of prawns on Friday - she enjoyed it with her steamed egg, and the nanny sliced some for her to chew upon as well. I want to wait a few days before giving her any new foods, partly because of the vaccination, but mainly because I have itch-prone skin that makes me highly sensitive to seafoods like prawns and crabs, making my eczema flare up, so I hope Rosabelle continues her trait of following her Daddy's non-problematic skin!
Since the nanny had her off day on Saturday, I prepared her 'vegetarian' meals of cereal+banana for lunch, and noodles with brinjal+potato+yellow capsicum+baby vegetable+spinach, and her Daddy fed her with much success, especially for dinner. She was finishing off almost the whole bowl of noodles in 15 minutes, and had only 3-4 spoonfuls left when a nanny in the yard paid us an unannounced visit to give us some prunes, scaring her into crying. Strange, as we see this granny almost every day - maybe it was the shock of seeing her in our house, and/or having her nice dinner interrupted. She calmed down and managed to eat a few more spoonfuls when I carried her, but she had by then warmed up to the nanny and was smiling away, too distracted to continue her dinner. Oh well... maybe it was just too much in a day for our poor girl!

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