Sunday, July 12, 2009

Rosy Rosie

Rosabelle woke up this morning with reddened cheeks but I paid scant attention to it as she often sleeps on her side/face down, and will sometimes have pillow lines/imprints on her face.

However, the redness still did not dissipate after an hour, and the nanny was also concerned. It was visible enough to warrant attention from at least two other mummies in the yard on her morning walk...hmmm. The nanny thinks it could be due to the fan blowing at her (?!!), but I think it could be a case of mild allergy to either the pasta or the leek she had on Friday/Saturday. (I bought children's bowtie pasta today - didn't know there was such a thing, if the nanny had told me earlier, poor Rosabelle wouldn't have had to eat 'adults' pasta, haha!).
It looks like she had a suntan/sunburn, so cute!
But by afternoon time, it was better, and today, she did not have any runny stools, fingers crossed! So she should be able to try pork tomorrow, yummy yummy!

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