Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bad hair day

From the wetness on her hair, you'd think Rosabelle just had a bath and washed her hair, until you see that I've attached the panda fan behind her (not a hair dryer).
It's just her perspiring loads during meal-time, but the fan is obviously too distracting for her.
Note that we even have the huge fan in the background on rotation, blowing at her, but it's not enough to keep away the Beijing humidity (either sweltering hot, or humid with coming rains these days).
So in the end, I had to remove her source of distraction just so she would not keep turning around to poke at the fan.
I do not dare switch on the aircon in the living room these days as we tried turning it on at night when she was in the room, and even though it does not blow directly at her, she ended up having an upset tummy and the runs again that very night. It very likely could have been caused by her crawling on the cold floor, and her pooing caused her to wake up at 5 am on Tuesday morning. Just when her poo had turned solid, it's become runny again, sigh!

Hopefully it's not because she tried eating kelp, ginger and spring onion for the first time for dinner on Monday night (the latter two put into her steamed fish for taste, not fed directly to her). One of the grandmothers in the yard said kelp, black/white fungus are rather hard and not easily digestible, so even though they are full of goodness, and the nanny makes sure she cooks them really soft, maybe we need to lay off them for awhile till her stomach's better.

We also thought it could be because she ate a piece of dragon fruit outside in the evening during her walks and might have ingested wind (?). Surprisingly, she enjoyed the single piece I fed directly to her, when she
did not like eating dragon fruit previously. Like they all say, food eaten outside of the home always tastes better!

Anyway, we've narrowed it down to it being too 'cooling' for her to crawl on the cold floor, so we are taking precaution and keeping her away from the floorboards until her tummy's better. Thank goodness amidst it all, she's still active, cheeky, and happy as ever (except maybe suffered a slight loss of appetite on Tuesday)!

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