Friday, July 24, 2009

Let's pretend you didn't see that

At times, Rosabelle will lose her balance when she crawls, especially if she's excitedly clambering over toys, or when she's on the soft bed.

After her bath just now, she frantically wanted to crawl away from us and toppled over onto her back. It took her all of one second to regain her composure from the toppling and she decided she wanted to do a jig.
The nanny figured she was rather embarrassed by the fall, and thus did a dance to divert our attention. Haha!

I'm glad in spite of her bad tummy these days (pooed runny stools for 4 times in 5 hours last night, making me so worried! Thank goodness it wasn't as bad today, but still not solid stools, sigh!), she is still so happy and active. Two mummies in the yard told me she's slimmer these days, so hopefully she has not lost any weight as she's still eating her meals well/regularly.

on her terms and conditions, that is. She woke up close to 6pm just now and refused to eat beyond her first bowl, looking at her stroller all the time, so the nanny and I had no choice but to bring her down as that's her daily ritual to go down for an evening walk before coming up for dinner (thank goodness the nanny did not have to prepare our dinner tonight as she has been nice to prepare our meals over the past two nights, which meant we had dinner late as she could only cook after feeding Rosabelle). Just as well, Rosabelle worked up an appetite and finished up all her fish and porridge after. Maybe also because the food's tasty as the nanny has been preparing stock to cook her porridge/noodles with, starting with pork ribs stock prepared last weekend (we intend to alternate chicken and pork stock for her).

May the runs run far away from our dear Rosabelle!

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