Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My playmate Rae Rae

This morning, Vanessa and Rachel paid us a visit and joined us for half a day. Rosabelle had just woken up and was going to start her steamed egg breakfast, so she was of course distracted by Rachel playing with us on the playmat. It spurred her to finish her breakfast quickly and we quickly brought both of them down for some fresh morning sun.

We're heading into the thick of summer and this morning's humidity was very bad, making all babies and mummies/nannies all hot and sticky. Rachel got to know a few new friends, but was more engrossed with playing with the fan, and plucking grass at the tree area, heh! She also had her sweet revenge of pulling Rosabelle's hair and making her whimper softly (I again ignored Rosabelle's cries and she stopped almost immediately).
When we got upstairs, the girls sat down briefly to play with each other, but Rachel was concerned that her mummy was away from her and paid scant attention to Rosabelle, causing the latter to scream for her attention, and reach out to try and grab her, thinking all the time 'What are you looking at? Let's play! Look at me, Rae Rae!'
Rachel had her lunch first, as she woke up and had an early breakfast. The nanny prepared peach with bread porridge, with a side dish of chicken, cucumber, egg yolk, and broccoli. Like Rosabelle, Rachel liked to raise her legs onto the table, and almost finished the full meal - *burp*.
Then it was Rosabelle's turn at the table, and Vanessa had to put Rachel to sleep for her afternoon nap. Ended up the girls did not have much together time as Rosabelle fell asleep just as Rachel was waking up (and left for home after), but it also meant Vanessa and I each had some time to play with each girl on her own.
I particularly like these two natural photos of Rosabelle and Vanessa - at the same time it's nice, it's also somewhat a pity our girls are born so close to each other and we cannot then be more diligent in our godparents' roles to each other's daughters, but I'm sure there's always a place in all our hearts at the same time and we'll all be experiencing the same priceless things together...

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