Friday, July 3, 2009

Copycat, catch the rat, go home let your mudder slap!

I scout for good reads like I used to scout for good bargains (I say 'used to' as shopping sessions for me are now limited to zooming in with a targeted shopping list, gone are the days of leisurely shopping). By reading other blogs, especially young mummies of young children like myself, I can get fresh ideas and first-hand knowledge about important things.

One blog I've been reading is that of Der Nen, a sweet boy who has a funny Mummy who writes in a really hilarious style (I've had to muffle my laughs when catching up on her previous posts whilst Rosabelle's asleep). And she had a very helpful post about how to customize headers on the blog (midway down the November 2008 archive) to include a PHWOOAR!-looking collage of her kid.

So I decided to make-over my blog's drab Tic Tac template and very blatantly followed her instructions to a T, right down to spray painting the background colour! Well, at least I admit my plagiarism, I even thanked the Mummy on her blog, and I now have a nicely-customized header of Rosabelle to boot - nice or not?!

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