Thursday, July 23, 2009

Is she really already capable of all these?

This isn't Rosabelle being shy of her new hairstyle (received alot of praises today from the other guardians for not crying/moving during the haircut), just the nanny monkeying around with her and putting her saliva towel on her head... We dressed her up in a polo-T and longer shorts tonight as it was raining heavily in the evening and it was quite chilly even in the house, making her look so boyish! She likes to crawl around on the bed (in fact, likes to crawl anywhere and would at times makes noise if we carry her up), and look at herself in the reflection of the window at night.
Our girl today (and some of these happened recently) did so many amazing and funny things I have to simply share it before I lose count of them. For one, when I carried her to look at the nanny clearing the bath water at night, she suddenly opened and closed her left hand in a 'bye bye' action. I could not believe it and asked her to wave the nanny 'bye bye' and she did it again, in a way that seems more like asking the nanny to come (with palm faced upwards and fingers opening/closing towards herself). We had a fun time getting her to repeat her bye bye trick, and she also happily did it for us again and again.

She also knows how to test our reactions to things, like when we warn her not to crawl on/touch the fan and the wire, she will go near it and look back at us with a smile, crawling away from it when we stare at her angrily or raise our voice to tell her she cannot do so. Same thing when she wants to try her luck and pull the nanny's recipe/baby books from the TV cabinet. I figured it's difficult and impractical to keep everything out of her reach, so we can only keep a close eye on her and tell her (and hopefully she'll listen!) which are the out-of-bounds items. She will place her hand on/near the nanny's books, and turn to smile at me to see my reaction. As her stack of children's books are just next to it, I will tell her she can touch her own books, but not the nanny's, and she usually gets the drift when I raise my voice and go 'Ehhhhh, Rosabelle....', coupled with an angry pout.
Her increasing knowledge and recognition of objects is really quite impressive to me, haha! I was trying to find out the Chinese translation for 'toucan', as it's featured on her favourite bed skirting, and so the nanny can point it out to her in Mandarin. I told the nanny just as Rosabelle was lying in her own bed, so the nanny immediately pointed a toucan out to her. The next moment, Rosabelle then crawled up to another larger toucan picture diagonally opposite and went 'Eh!', as if telling the nanny 'Look, here's another toucan, a bigger one at that!'.

We bought an Ikea cloth book when we first came back to Beijing, and this features many animals like a squeaky frog, a furry chick/hen/duck, a pudgy spider, etc, and these few days, she is able to point out/pull the frog, spider, and bee to me when I ask her to, even trying to repeat the 'bzzzzz' sound I make when I tell her it's a bee. It's hilarious when at other times, she will mimick the sound of the lion roaring, and go 'rrrrrrrr' in her own fierce way when I go 'roar like a lion, RAWWWRRRR!'.

Amongst all her toys, she can pick out the dog, rabbit and monkey, knowing where to crawl to when we ask her where the monkey and clown on her playmat are. She even applies this knowledge to the ABC picture books by indicating where the animals like the dog, rabbit, and lion are.

The nanny is also picking up English words from her, like when she held a ball in her hand and went 'Baw' (ball), and pointed at the nanny's button and went 'Ba' - the nanny wondered why she'd call her 'Pa', and I said Rosabelle has been fiddling with the buttons on my shorts and I would tell her that's mummy's button, so she's telling the nanny that there is a 'Ba' (button) on her shirt.

Well, we could be imagining all these for all we know, and Rosabelle could just be pointing/speaking randomly, and we adults choose to believe that she is our clever little genius, haha! But I also believe the more we encourage her, even if it's just a random act/speech, it'd spur her on further to receive so much praise and validation. Bravo, girl!

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