Saturday, July 4, 2009

Not into minks

Wayne had a day off yesterday and we brought Rosabelle to the mall, where we (or rather, I) spotted a cute thing of a toy. It was a chubby hamster on speed, literally, where it ran with battery-operated quickness in a transparent pink ball. It was clever enough to even turn corners, changing direction when it hit an obstacle. The salesgirl tried it out on the floor and Rosabelle was leaning forward and making 'Eh? Eh? Eh?!!' sounds from her throne (the stroller), so I was sold.

When we brought it home and she was making noise during her dinner, we started the hamster-ball for her, and it worked both ways - it made her stop whining (good!), but it also made her too distracted to carry on with her dinner (bad!!). So the nanny had no choice but to pause the dinner session and let her play with her new toy first.

She was happy to play with the hamster in its ball, grabbing and licking/gumming the ball (ooops...that shouldn't sound as nasty as it should...).
However, when Wayne removed the hamster from the ball and let it run rampantly over the playmat and against her legs, she was rather terrified, kicking the hamster away when it ran towards her, and lifting both her arms up to her armpits when it came near, going 'Eh!' when she kicked. It was hilarious to watch her protecting herself from the furry hamster, so we decided to place it back into the plastic ball, where she took comfort in playing with it from the protection of the barrier, haha!

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