Wednesday, July 1, 2009

When you run out of ideas...

Rosabelle had her fair share of new toys today, when we washed some of the soft toys lying around the house yesterday (not her usual toys, but those we put for 'deco' purposes like a little dog here, a little bear there...). She exceptionally likes the small Hush Puppy plush toy dog with its floppy ears, and will giggle when I make it shake around wildly and tickle her around the neck with it.

When Wayne's friends came over for a short visit in the evening, they also brought along a new crawling crab toy from Auby, which she played with for awhile.

But most of all, she likes to look at me putting on my different creams (about 8 to 10 kinds) after my bath, and will wait for me to pat the cream on the face and open my eyes to look at her - it never fails to garner a toothy grin or chuckle from her. She always wants to reach into my trove of creams to grab at things, and recently, I've been letting her hold my Medela pure lanolin cream (she even managed to bite the cap open and lick at it - thank goodness it's edible!).

But the last resort, which I guess also made the nanny's heart skip a few beats (especially after the mango mess she had to clean up earlier in the day), was when I let Rosabelle hold the empty grape stalk after I'd plucked all the grapes off. I'd thought she might be scared of the rather poisonous-looking and creepy thing, but she was instead intrigued by it and held on tightly to it (I remember my mum telling me they used the grape stalk to scare Simon into coming out of the bath tub when he refused to do so when younger).
Don't know why, but I started singing 'Jingle bells, jingle bells' when she was holding it - makes me weep thinking that this is our daughter's first (pathetic) Christmas tree. Oh well, looks like she really takes pleasure in non-toys toys!

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