Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mango maniac

Rosabelle has a habit of giving forced screams nowadays - when she can't get what she wants, when she's ultra-sleepy, when she's waiting for me to nurse her before her night sleep, when she's 'fighting' with kids in the yard and who dare to snatch her toys from her. She will give a few deep 'ahhhhhhhhhhh!.....', and this is what I heard during her lunch just now. The nanny was feeding her mango, one of her favourite fruits these days, and she surprisingly only had four spoonfuls.

So I peeled off the rest of the skin and let her hold the mango - so this was what she wanted, and she of course mashed her little fingers through the soft, succulent flesh of the ripe mango. I know the nanny hates me for the mess she had to clear up after (hands up those who know how to wash mango stains off clothes and chair fabrics), but we had a good laugh at the sight of Rosabelle and her independent streak as she had fun taking bites off the slippery mango.

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