Saturday, July 25, 2009

Rachel's Portfolio

When they came to visit yesterday, Vanessa brought the photobook that they got from the photoshoot at their house a few weeks back. She wanted to capture Rachel's last week in Beijing, and had the photographer go to their home for a two-hour shoot. After scouring around, she settled on the studio Box Photo, for their natural style (no fake hairdo on child/not getting child to pose like a fairy, in a rat suit or with balloons) and value-for-money package.

Vanessa told me as a child, Tim was also rather solemn and did not smile much, thus Rachel very likely takes after her Dad in this trait, but I think the photographer captured precious shots of Rachel at her best in a natural setting (who knew heating plates and washing machines can be such nice props?), and even brought pretty outfits for her to change into (nothing absurd-looking like watermelon overalls). I will very likely use them for Rosabelle's one-year-old shots (and perhaps pysche the rest of the mummies in the yard to use them at the same time as there's a special price for 3 or more families living in the same area).


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