Friday, July 10, 2009

I *heart* apple

Caught Rosabelle in a moment of indulgence today as she showed her love for apples (just like the other day). She tried her best to hold the slippery apple and feed herself.
And at times even hid the fruit under the table when the nanny threatened to take it away for fear of her dirtying herself...
If only she exhibited as much passion for bowtie pasta, which we introduced to her for her lunch today, and the nanny cooked it with tomatoes, onion, chicken, broccoli, and spinach. It tasted good to me, but she did not go beyond five spoonfuls before hiding her mouth/face from the nanny and making angry grunts. She only ate the pasta when we handed a bowl of plain pasta to her for her to hold and feed herself. She enjoyed the tasteless pasta more when she fed herself with her own hands, and did not take to the bowl of pasta with the ingredients - funny.
The nanny ended up having to prepare milk cereal with banana for her, which she gobbled up quickly. Hmmmm.... I'd have to go to the supermarket and source for kids' pasta, which the nanny says will be less springy than the usual pasta we bought for her - let's see...

Rosabelle has quirky tastes -we introduced gou qi to her by including some in her porridge on Wednesday, and she even ate some of it, along with some flesh of the dried dates, heh. Guess she's more oriental/Chinese in her taste than we make her out to be!

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