Thursday, July 30, 2009

Daddy will be touched

Wayne has been working late this past week due to a Client event, and since it's his swan song (going to take a good break after this month - weehee!), he is putting alot of time and effort into it. Strangely enough, Rosabelle has gone into a sleep-early mode for the past four nights at least, wanting to nurse by nine-ish at night. So for the whole of Tuesday and Wednesday, she did not get to see Daddy dearest at all as she was asleep when he left for/got back from work.

Usually she's not sticky to Wayne, nor will she proactively look for him, other than blurting out 'Pa' or 'Papa' at times, or pointing at his things like the gym bag and going 'Pa', but yesterday, think she started missing her Daddy.

Whilst on her high chair, she would turn round and look at the shoes lined up near the door, and point to Wayne's shoes, and go 'Eh!!!! Ehhh!!!', and laugh excitedly, as if wondering 'Hey, that's Daddy's shoes, but where's Daddy?', and went quiet only when we explained that Daddy has worn another pair of shoes to work.

Wayne then came home in the middle of her afternoon nap for a change of clothes and shoes, and when she was playing near the door in the afternoon after she woke up, she saw that the shoes on the mat were not the same as before, and in a different position from before, and started getting all excited again. The nanny did not realize the cause of her excitement, and only after did it dawn upon her that Rosabelle's eagle eye had noticed the change in shoes, so she explained that Daddy had come home but as she was sleeping, Daddy could not say hello to her. Only then did she quieten down.

After her bath at night, she looked at the door and went 'Papa', but sadly again missed him as Wayne only came back after she'd fallen asleep, bringing with him an inflatable stick he blew up for her, and which she enjoyed playing with today.
The stick came in handy as she gets sleepy during meal times, so the nanny had to keep her spirits up with all sorts of distractions (bad habit...), and resorted to putting an empty pasta bag onto the stick and beating it around noisily.
At times, the nanny will also have to fish things from the table for her, like my lip balm. Yesterday, she repeatedly pushed the lip balm into the nanny's hands, and kept giving it back to her even when the nanny returned it to her. The nanny thought Rosabelle wanted her to 'eat' the lip balm, as she has a good habit of sharing things with the nanny and asking the nanny to take a bite. However, she was not appeased and kept pushing the lip balm to the nanny. The nanny suddenly realized - she pretended to apply the lip balm onto her own lips, and Rosabelle smiled and took the lip balm back and kept quiet. Our girl must have noticed me putting on the lip balm and wanted the nanny to do so as well!
Rosabelle really does have quite a strong mind about things, like today when she saw me carrying other children, she went all moody in the nanny's arms, and refused to drink water from her sippy cup. We've been trying to get her to drink from her sippy cup again as she often chokes when drinking from the bowl, whenever she's over-excited and takes a big mouthful and/or is eager to finish the sip and turn her head around to look at things. So I decided to carry her and she went all sticky to me and went on to drink loads from the sippy cup - so she had been resisting her drink of water right until I carried her, so naughty...oh well, at least it's more hygienic (and convenient) to get her to drink from her sippy cup when we are outdoors.
Speaking of hygienic, guess after my brother-in-law read my post on Rosabelle's thorough enjoyment of sitting on supermarket trolleys, he sent me a timely red alert of a Powerpoint presentation detailing why supermarket trolley handles are even more dirty than the handles of public toilets (gasp!!!). This is because public toilets are disinfected regularly, whilst supermarket trolleys are seldom (if ever) cleaned. A study found that there are more than one million bacteria on a trolley handle, and swabs taken from these places have found 'germs, viruses, bacteria, and body fluids' on them! Imagine folks touching the handles after digging their nose, handling a pig trotter/fresh fish, choosing a sandy mussel or soil-caked carrot, or babies gumming the get the drift.
What this means for me - I'm not going to deprive Rosabelle of her new-found love of sitting on a supermarket trolley, just that I am going to arm myself with the hand sanitizer Dettol, spritz a few drops onto some tissue paper and give the handle a good wipe before putting her in, and after carrying her out from the trolley, clean her hands with some wet wipes. I know it's not going to be 100% useful as really filthy stuff require stronger disinfectant, but oh well, we all try our best in a practical world, don't we? And... I believe some forms of bacteria will just make her more resilient, heh!
Ending off this post with a great, smiley shot of her that reveals her below two teeth...

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