Saturday, July 11, 2009

One of those last weekends

The Choons will be packing for Shanghai on July 25, so we're trying to meet up as much as we can amidst all their packing and from having topsy-turvy schedules with the girls. Wayne remarked that though we're a bunch of close friends (having dinner and/or drinks every weekend), eversince we each had our darling Princesses, whenever we meet, it's hard for us to have a good chat as we're too caught up with the needs and to-dos of Rachel and Rosabelle. But it's also a great chance for the two young ladies to meet up as well!

For Rosabelle, she can enjoy playing with Rachel's toys, all entirely new and attractive to her. She was having a whale of a time placing the cloth mirror over, above, behind and in front of her face.
But Rachel did not seem too used to having another playmate in her home, and at first cried (she was hungry), and I can't blame her for not warming up to Rosabelle later as the latter kept wanting to reach out and touch/grab her, ending up poking poor Rachel's eyes (cue: crying again), and tugging at Rachel's long hair, haha!
It's still amazing to think that such close friends can have daughters born within 24 hours of each other, through no conscious planning on anybody's part at that. We're definitely going to miss them. :(

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