Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sweets for my sweet

Rosabelle's passion for certain fruits is sporadic - she's into one fruit today, and off it some others. Fruits that have come back into her favor include apples and bananas, those that have fallen out of favor are peaches and oranges, whilst the fruit du jour is grape.

Further, with an increasing independent (and curious) streak, she has cultivated different ways of eating her fruits (like the mess with the mango), and yesterday, with the apple.

The nanny did the usual scraping of the apple and fed her the juice and scraped flesh, which she only took about two teaspoonfuls of. Instead, she would rather take the whole fruit and try to (I say 'try' as the roundish apple kept falling out of her hands onto the ground) bite off it.

This is her being exasperated with her apple-eating efforts, or maybe just at her mum's interest in taking photos and/or videos of anything and everything.
She eventually got the hang of it and began to take small bites off jagged edges of the apple.
And when her little hands got too tired to clutch on to the huge apple, she just cleverly held it in position with her arm, heh!
I caught a video of her efforts...

And this is a video of her being impatient and getting the nanny to hurry up in feeding her her favourite grapes (she ate 10 at a shot yesterday!).

Though she enjoys her fruits, she is also very sweet to want to share nice things with those she loves. Yesterday, when the nanny fed her honeydew juice, she would point at me after every sip, indicating for the nanny to also feed me, and I had to pretend to drink from her bowl before she would go on to take her next sip. Awwww.....

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