Friday, July 31, 2009

Little antics

After her lunch, Rosabelle will usually play for awhile before taking her bath half an hour later. Today, I managed to capture a few shots of her standing at the sofa, and clips of her pulling herself to position (she can cruise wobblily - is there such a word? - now). She is also rather gungho, often attempting to release both hands for a split second to see if she can balance in a standing position, whether at the sofa, on our bed, or on her bed.

Recently, she has been very receptive to our cues to wave 'hello' and 'bye bye', and is also very quick to say 'thank you' (hands clutched and moving up/down in a 'Gong Xi Fa Cai' position) - I caught this on video as well.

The mummies in the yard think it's so exciting to watch Rosabelle demonstrate her little antics every day, and I think she also enjoys the attention. When one mummy praised her for knowing how to call 'Mama', she immediately went 'Papa', and repeated it even more loudly when the mummy did not hear it the first time, as if willing to say 'I can even call Papa!'.

See our little show-off in action...

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