Friday, July 24, 2009

One last playdate

Rosabelle looks slightly oldish in this below photo, and she has a habit of looking at people with eyebrows frowned/eyes half-closed/mouth half-opened like that - not sure what she's pondering upon. Rightly so that she looks oldish (older), as she turns a full 9 months old today, and we were eagerly awaiting the arrival of Vanessa and Rachel as they were coming to our house for a final playdate in the morning before they head to Shanghai first thing tomorrow.
After the Choons arrived, we hung around downstairs to play with the other kids before going upstairs for Rachel's early lunch (she eats at 11:30 am). The girls had bowtie pasta today, and Vanessa and Rachel were actually planning to stay only for lunch, but had to be here till past dinner and evening time as the water supply in their house was disrupted. Just as well, it gave us all more chance to catch up together.
Rosabelle was more attracted to Rachel's sippy cup, while poor Rachel had to lie passively and look on as her cup got mutilated...
The girls were also particularly attracted to an army truck toy with flashing lights and loud sounds that went around in circles, and had a sniper coming out from the back of the vehicle.
Especially Rachel, who just sat with eyes unblinking as she stared on...
But Vanessa and I had a hard time getting Rachel to try and crawl. We wanted to attract her with all toys possible, but she just simply refused to stretch/budge, pulling her mum's hands to get her to put toys within her reach, and turning over to whimper pitifully if I shifted the toys away. But she can stand on her own for a few seconds, so she could very likely walk without ever having to crawl!
That's Rachel enjoying her dinner of noodle soup that our nanny made for her. Luckily Tim made it through the rush-hour jam to get to our home by 7+ in the evening, as after her bath, Rachel was already feeling sleepy.
Throughout the course of Rosabelle's playing with Rachel today, I realized that she is quite clear about things being hers. When Rachel took her toys, or laid on her bed, she would make noise until I brought her away, and I have to keep telling her to share her things, and give in to Rachel since she is the older sister (well, less than 24 hours apart).
This is Rosabelle looking upon greener pastures...
Staring at Rachel having a diaper change on the bed!

It'd be awhile before the Choons and the Shis will get to meet (well, Wayne's picking them up at 6am tomorrow morning to go to the airport...), but it was a great catch-up for the girls (both young and old) and a memorable way for Rosabelle to spend her 9th month!

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