Thursday, July 9, 2009

Rosabelle Marilyn Monroe

Rosabelle had her first taste of dragon fruit today, and it brought out the fiery ‘dragon’ in her, turning her into a sexy thing. *wink*

At first glance, the polka-dotted grey mush did not look at all appealing and she turned away from the bowl, and when the nanny tried to feed her.

So we stuffed some into her hands for her to try to feed herself, but as she has yet to master a good pincer grip of mushy foods, she ended up dropping most of the fruit on her table instead.
And in the process, turned herself into a Monroe with a sexy mole, with a most 'demure'-looking pose to boot, haha!
The sexy mole remained as she deliberated on whether to eat the grey mush...
She finally mustered enough courage to further pick up some pieces, but they just broke into small bits all over...
Creating yet another messy nightmare for the nanny (haha!).
In the end, we decided to help her by feeding her with a spoon (but it was slippery and dropped onto her at times). For a first time eater of the fruit, she did fairly well!
(Note: Sexy mole remains throughout, heh heh!)

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