Friday, July 24, 2009

I am lion, hear me RAWRRR!!!

Whenever Wayne carries Rosabelle, she can see things usually not within her eye range (as Wayne's taller than the nanny and I and can raise her higher up). Tonight, she spotted the few soft toys we place at the top of the fridge, one of it being the lion. As she has recently been exposed to the concept of a lion on her bed, she was naturally very excited to see a 'real' lion (the only other lion being the one in the picture book).

Even though we last washed the lion a few weeks back in the washing machine, I was rather reluctant to let her touch it as it's furry and dusty, but after seeing how she was so eager, and kept pushing forward and screaming to want to see/touch it, Wayne brought it down for her to get a close-up look.
The nanny and I thought she might be frightened of the rather intimidating-looking furry lion, but she was instead very happy to reach out for its mane and whiskers.
Wayne had to hold her back from yanking out all the fur...
And she could make the association when I asked her to point out the lion in the picture book, satisfying her desire to pat the plush toy lion.
I realize that she's quite a daredevil, like today when one of the kids brought a dancing toy lamb out to play, the rather sinister-looking thing with bad taped music actually looked like something out of a horror movie (think Chucky the evil doll). It made two older kids burst out into tears, and the owner's mum said he was actually quite terrified of it. But Rosabelle was again kicking in excitement and grabbed at the lamb's head to get it to continue dancing when it was motionless.

When coming back from her walk in the evening, a dog came yelping out and bound towards her (I think some sick guy tried to stone it as I saw him tailing it with pebbles...), and the older girl behind her cried in shock. Rosabelle? She was kicking her legs excitedly and wanted me to go after the dog...hmmm...must teach her to have some fear, just the correct level to be able to let her have a good gauge of danger.

But our Rosie 'Braveheart' Shi also has a soft side, like today, when Vanessa let her (read: Rosabelle actually snatched it away from Vanessa after knocking the latter twice on the head with the phone) listen to Eason Chan's songs on her handphone, Rosabelle held onto it and happily gummed away on it until she fell asleep right in my arms, with Eason Chan's Cantonese songs as her lullaby! (It also caused Vanessa's phone to probably short-circuit from her saliva as it wasn't able to function after that - yikes!)

She sure had a good sleep as earlier on, right after her bath taken after her lunch, she had her first taste of McDonald's (yes, I've exposed my child to the evil 'M'-pire, I am an irresponsible mummy...) - she was eyeing my food and I fed her the bread from my Filet-o-Fish and she loved it as it was very soft and yummy - ate almost a quarter of one side of the bread!

Next time we can go McDonald's for meals, and I can then order a Filet-o-Fish, without the fish, for her!

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